Company Name: Flowers Technology Incorporated.


Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality services and solutions using the latest technologies in the market and guarantee total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build a long-term business relationship rather than focusing on short-term interest.

Flowers Technologies as the name depicts is an Information Communication Technology firm. Liberian owned business that has been around since 2007 as an Information and Communication Technology company and has established a reputation as a professional and dynamic provider of data, voice, and web development solution with a consistent and impressive track record of business growth.

With its headquarters in LIBERIA and branch offices in United States and Ghana, Flowers Tech Group is strategically structured into separate companies and divisions, each of which takes responsibility for delivering specific technology solutions and services whilst supporting customers in the most effective way. We have a strategic focus on the future that encourages change and the adoption of new concepts. This enables us to creatively connect real market needs and business drivers with the existing and emerging technologies. Being vendor-independent, we can positively suggest new approaches and solutions. It is the innovative way that we apply technology to meet business needs that makes us different.

We are one of the fast growing technology implementers, due to the company’s innovative approach to providing ICT solutions and services to the entire populace of every nation they find themselves. Flowers Tech Group provide specialist advice on planning, installation and network design facilities.

Flowers Technologies has now evolved into one stop-shop for organizations wishing to improve or implement new ICT products and solutions, offering a range of services from computer networking right down to classroom instruction on Computer. We endeavor to help your organization by utilizing the most innovative ICT solutions.

Flowers Technologies have been involved in a number of high profile inner city and rural ICT projects. Their extensive knowledge in the area of project management has helped them to deliver leading edge projects within strict deadlines and budgets. Flowers expertise in area or wireless, satellite and interactive technologies, will also provide a project management service for the selection, procurement and implementation of IT solutions, liaising where necessary with the selected IT institution. Flowers has proved particularly useful to internet Access Point needing to deliver community based projects, which meet the requirements for achieving Technology status.

The strength of the company lies in its engineering expertise and in-depth operating experience across Africa. Flowers Technologies will engineer and provide complete systems, and provide long-term maintenance and operations support including space segment, and actively transfers technology and know-how into the countries where it operates. The strategic long-term objective of Flowers is to be the premier ICT Firm where it is found.

With in depth recognition of the posing ICT problems in Liberia, organizations may find it prudent and advantageous to obtain independent advice before making an investment within the ICT arena of Liberia. We offer an impartial ICT consultancy service for the development of your organizations.

Having identified and understood clients’ requirements, we recommend solutions or products that best meet those requirements. Once a solution has been selected, we will provide advice on procurement and implementation. If required.

It is our attitude and determination to deliver the best that sets us aside from other IT Providers. This is backed by our expertise, knowledge and energy to ensure we support our customers to fulfil the dreams they have for their business. We thrive on challenges and together we will create solutions that organizations have dream about.